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CJ Huntzinger is a seasoned communications and marketing professional with a proven storytelling track record spanning the music, startup, and venture capital industries. He has led or worked directly on global communications campaigns for music companies including Songtrust, Downtown Music Holdings, Splice, Red Bull Music Academy, and Deezer. Within the startup industry, he has led communications campaigns for emerging companies across the consumer and enterprise industries like Truebill, Squad (acquired by Twitter), Lemonade (IPO’d), Pillar (Acquired by Acorns), Atoms, Freeletics, Nebia, and many more. 

He is vividly interested in the intersections of creativity, technology, and commerce. He believes deeply that there is more opportunity for creatives of all industries to tastefully monetize their creations than ever before, and he strives to work with individuals and companies within the space more broadly referred to as the creator economy. In addition, he believes that the perceived value of art is directly influenced by the way it is experienced, and is deeply optimistic about how emerging technologies like AR, VR, NFTs, the metaverse, and interaction of IRL x URL will shift how consumers perceive and value art, and ultimately, their decision making with financially supporting creators. 

Outside of his professional experience of creative and data-driven storytelling, CJ has been a music producer for a decade. He currently makes music on Ableton 10, with additional deep experience on Logic, and short stints with making music in Reason and Pro Tools. Prior to producing music, he played guitar in a heavy metal band in the bay area that played a few gigs at the renowned San Francisco venue, Slims. 

He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, studied communications at the University of Oregon (scooo Ducks!!), studied Spanish abroad in Oviedo, Spain, and has lived in New York City since 2015. Outside of music and storytelling, he loves bay area sports teams, vibrant and immersive digital art, as well as perpetually searching for the best burrito in New York City. 

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